Hello, my name is Luther Fong. This is my website.

This site is under construction.

This is a link to my Dad's website

This is me and my dad catching a fish.

And these are links to more of my favorite websites:

Lego.com Miniclip.com Wikipedia.com

My favorite animal is the "Canis Lupus Lycaon," or plainly,"Eastern Wolf." The Eastern Wolf is a subspecies of the Grey Wolf. The Eastern Wolf ranges from Canada to Northern Minnesota. It prays on deer, rodents, moose, and beaver.

Some other cool animals are the Red Wolf, Kodiak Bear, Mountain Lion, and Red Fox.

One of my favorite book series is "Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer."

The best aquarium I've been to is the Monterey Bay Aquarium."

I really want to build a zoo. It will be called "The Fong Zoo." It will have wolverines, Malayan tigers, American black bears, pythons, crocodilians, and monkeys.

It will be big and have lots of animals. There will be a several feedings a day.

The prices will be $6.00 3 to 15, $9.00 15 to 65, $7.00 65 & up.

Ty is my younger brother.This is Ty's favorite animal.